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US to Canada Vehicle Transport from Helena, MT

If you have a vehicle that you need transported from the United States to Canada, you may encounter a few difficulties if you are exporting it from the United States. The legal requirements can be confusing, you could encounter delays due to incomplete paperwork, or you may not be able to personally drive the vehicle across the border.Luckily, we can help. If you need Canada to US or US to Canada vehicle transport to/from Helena, MT, come to Turbo Auto Transport.

Cross Border Auto Transport

Anyone who has attempted to import a vehicle to Canada knows that you can’t simply drive your vehicle across the border. Border agents will usually inspect your vehicle, and if a car is full of personal belongings, they may deny entry entirely.All vehicles have specific export paperwork that’s required to be filed with United States Customs (CBP) and import paperwork required to be presented to Canada Customs (CBSA) along with paying associated Federal tax and duties.

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Whether you purchased a car for personal use or as a dealer, whether the car will stay in Canada temporarily or permanently, whether the car was purchased personally or online – no matter the circumstances, Turbo Auto Transport has the experience needed to ship your vehicle hassle-free from US to Canada or Canada to the US.If you’d like to transport your car, SUV or pickup, call ahead by at least two weeks, as the shipping process can take seven to 14 days. Times may vary but the sooner you book, the more time we have to schedule your vehicle to be delivered when you need it.During transport, your vehicle is not a shipping container, so we recommend no personal items in the vehicle during US to Canada car transport. If there are personal items in the vehicle, they will have to be identified and itemized for Customs to inspect.

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Do you need cross-border car transport to/from Helena, MT? Turbo Auto Transport is ready to assist you. Contact us today to request a quote. We pride ourselves on our quality customer service, no-stress transport process, and commitment to customer satisfaction. We look forward to working with you.